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electroformed copper jewelry love heart

Why did I become an electroformer and how did it change my life?

Sounds profound but it’s not.  Well, it was for me. 

I once asked what was a blog, Why?  “To tell a story”.  Who would want to read my story?  I now have a business, The Wacky Wanderers and I have been told, “start a blog”. “Tell a story”.  “Why you do this”.  So here goes, still not sure who would read, but here it is, "why I became an electroformer and how it has changed my life".  

Seems like I always remember gathering, collecting rocks or some little piece of nature when I was on an adventure.  Motorcycle riding as a child and finding sharks teeth.  I lived in Bakersfield California, no beautiful beaches there.  Camping at the beautiful beaches in California and Oregon and picking up shells.  You get the picture. 

Kaylyn and Diane Oregon coast











Well I am much much older now.  I’m the mother of this team, and I still gather.

a fallen leaf from Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh ScotlandA fallen leaf from Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh Scotland.  I will have jewelry made with the queen’s leaves.

flower in SpainA flower in Spain

pressed flower wall art

Pressed flowers from our adventures.

Maybe even more so now.  Now, I have found a reason for picking them up.  I can electroform them and make them into something pretty to wear.  I have an excuse ummm, reason. 

copper electroformed root with peridot

I love finding old twisted limbs or dried roots.  To take leaves from the fall and either press them to be placed in a pretty little frame to hang or electroform.  I do respect private property and laws that prohibit such actions.  

Diane at the beach Mediterranean Sea

Water from the Mediterranean Barcelona Spain

loch in scotland

Rock from a Loch in Scotland.

My son getting water for the ocean for his mom     my son getting water from the ocean for his mom 2

Sometimes I even get the help of others.  My son, going and getting water for his mom.

 Gold Beach Oregon  Gold Beach Oregon

Barcelona Spain  shells on the beach Barcelona Spain

To pick up rocks and water from the rivers, lakes or seas.  To collect seashells and sand.  A few of my treasures…what shall they be?

rose quartz calming worry stone with aventurine crescent moonSelenite with Black Tourmaline Filigree PendantLabradorite Coffin with Coffin Nail Lariat Pendulum

large amethyst cluster sparkle ring

Not only organic items.  Do you realize the types of crystals I can wear? I love raw natural gems, crystals, clusters…oh the sparkle of mother nature.  Have you ever looked into a crystal and seen the worlds, the cosmic clouds or threads of gold?  I love crystal specimens and now I can wear them!  I no longer walk into a New Age shop/Rock and Mineral shop/Magic shop or what ever has the pretties and say which one should I get to display…I walk in having heart palpitations and my daughter saying “Breath mom breath”  totally overwhelmed saying I can have all of them now and wear them. 

I worked at Rio Grande Jewelry Supply and was introduced to the world of the jewelry design.  I have dabbled in many crafts and hobbies.  Made salt ornaments for the Christmas tree at 16 to decorating my garage for Halloween when my son was 16.  Yes, always a craft going on. I often ask myself "Do you ever wonder how much money you'd save, and time if you didn't do these hobbies"?  Before I can even answer I tell myself "yeah but you would go mad". Passion has always been jewelry and Halloween.  There is always a bit of Halloween in my house.  "It's not decorations it's décor".

Halloween dinner feast

(Yes, I can electroform Halloween too). 

In jewelry, this too I have dabbled as well, resin, some silversmith, copper clay, to name a few.  Plus, classes at work in casting, soldering, fusing…I was very fortunate.  Each one getting me closer to my ultimate goal, wearing crystals.  When I stumbled onto copper electroforming.  Googled how to solder a silver cap onto a crystal and got this page on electroforming.  My eyes opened up to all the things I could do.  I was giddy.  Oh, the possibilities.  I am still learning and trying new things.  I will always gather.  Something catches my eye.  Each piece has a special story.  The joy in finding that perfect crystal or Moldavite, amethyst cluster or citrine.  That branch or root, rock on the beach, sand or water from the ocean. 

To us each piece tells a story that is ours.  What we hope is to pass it on as a memory.  You see it and it reminds you of a moment in time or a special place, a feeling of calm or strength your talisman or the powers of the stones.  People will tell us their story, about what a pieces means to them, "he helped design this special piece, my mothers birthstone, my engagement ring, her engagement ring, men love beautiful things too, walking along the beach".  Just a few of the stories.  This is why we love doing this, we are “making memories wearable”.

Seers Amethyst Crystal Sphere Root PendantRaw Green Tourmaline with Quartz Branch PendantOregon Beach Rock Stone Bangle Bracelet Size 2 3/8

Vera Cruz Amethyst with Rainbow Moonstone Kyanite Witch's Broom PendantShark Tooth Vintage Inspired Pendant with GarnetsWand Pendant with Amethyst and Crystal Point


electorforming, electoformed copper jewelry

So why did I become an electroformer?  Because I freakin’ love it!  It is truly my happy place.   I love what I do and wanted to pursue it as my career/life.  This is who I want to be.  So, we took our life savings packed up and moved from Albuquerque New Mexico to Oregon coastal area to pursue our dream.  That’s how it changed my life.  Well, there is a bit more to the story but it all fell into place. It was time..

Oh, and yes, my daughter is also a bit of a gatherer but more of the photographer.

Kaylyn photographer

She’s looking up while I’m looking down.  She has an excellent eye.  I love seeing the world through her eyes.  I see new things. 

scotland church stained glass             Stirling Castle Scotland


  man feeding birds urban street life barcelona spain            gothic church barcelona spain


spider webs on bush oregon coast              rusted vintage bench oregon coast

Oregon Coast

Our website, all her, all.  

Diane showing Kaylyn the picture I want her to take

Though, every once in a while I like to tell her how I want her to take a shot, she calls it “damn, she’s Kubrick-ing me”.

She has also dabbled in many mediums/crafts/hobbies.  Hers were in different areas.  She chain mailles some amazing things.  Makes the cutest little chain maille coffins.  We both love crystals and bits, yes, she is a gatherer, but we put them together differently.  We have unique styles.  I love her style.  I was so excited when she asked me if she could try to make something.  From then on, she was hooked and added her beautiful pieces.  We make an excellent team.  We complement each other.  Which is surprising since we are both such smart asses....hahaha just a little funny. We decided to start the adventure full force. 

Diane and Kaylyn The Wacky WanderersWe are the Wacky Wanderers.  Mother and daughter team and I am so fortunate. 

Mom on the beach in SpainMom on the beach in Spain 

Now my mother, a gatherer as well.  She collected big rocks for her flowerbed.  At least mine are much smaller, but I have more.  She is along with us on our journey.  She was born and raised in Oregon but left in the 50’s and is back now.  From what I remember of her mom is seeing little shells and rocks and little jars of sand on her bookcases.  Mainly from the beaches of Oregon of her home state or HI from a vacation.  I’m sure it goes farther back.

Forgot to tell you it was long 😊  So, if you made it this far I would like to invite you to check out our website, what changed my life, see if there is something that changes yours. a special memory.  Join us on this journey and be in the know by becoming a VIP, you are very special to us.  

 crystal quartz ringsnowflake obsidian stars and moon broomwitch finger spirit quartz pendantrainbow moonstone butterfly and quartz crystal pointred quartz cluster pendantcitrine point statement ringobsidian point with crystal cluster filigree pendantcrystal cluster with yellow apatite pendantrainbow moonstone moon goddess bottle pendantode to grace and frankie statement necklacerose quartz wand with amethyst and labradorite pendantlarge crystal point with peridot nugget and peridot inlaycholla cactus with citrine pointvintage seashell with crystal cluster


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