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Sometimes we need a little help bringing positivity into our lives. This is the inspiration behind these enchanted little bottles.  

We were feeling the need for some positive energy and went searching for just the right ingredients for an abundance charm.  We decided to make them for others who were also in the need of some positive energy.  Each element of these bottles were carefully selected for their properties to bring an abundance of the positive energy you need.  After we put all the ingredients in the bottles we realized they make up a kaleidoscope of cool Halloween colors.

Here is the list of ingredients inside each bottle:

Black Tourmaline - Protection, insight, harmony.
Carnelian - Stability, truth, love, acceptance.
Peridot - Attract money, abundance, healing, creativity.
Lavender - Sleep, long life, peace, wishes, protection, love, visions, purification,clarity of thought.
Motherwort - To allow your inner light to radiate for all to see.
Yellow Mustard Seed - To attract wealth and prosperity. 

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