How Do You Keep Your Favorite Essential Oil With You?

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It seems everyone is realizing the wonders of essential oils.  The amazing benefits of aromatherapy with its healing powers for the mind, body and soul.  I know we have.  Everything from pain relief, beauty, anxiety and even just to lift the spirits.  We massage it in and diffuse.  Use it in our drinks and inhale the healing aromas.  Yes the wonders of essential oils.  It has become such an important part of our lives.  This also created a little dilemma for us as well.  How to keep them with us at all times.  While we are out shopping or at a park with our kids or pets.  At a conference or with friends.  Dancing at a club or hiking in the woods.  Not always do I carry my purse or have pockets to put them in.  I was finding when I was out I liked to have a bit of lemon with me to put in my water, or my mixture of special scents to take me to a happy calm place during a busy day of people, something for anxiety or allergy season.  It actually became such an easy remedy for us.  Combine our love for wearing natural crystals and gems with our essential oils.  We created lovely oil bottles to wear. 

                Not only were they a way to have our oils with us at all times but a beautiful piece of jewelry.  Combing the power of crystals with the power of oils, it's a win/win.  We actually have two types of amber bottles.  A 2ml with an orifice reducer and a 3 ml with a metal roller ball. 

           Now, no matter where I'm at I can have my oil.  A lemon to add to my water, a scent to uplift me in the middle of my day.  I could go on and on about essential oils and the benefits or uses for them, but I won't.  Either you have your favorites and how you use them or you need to find out.  There is so much information available.  This is more about how to have them with you at all times in a beautiful, unique and stylish way. 

These bottles are not limited just to essential oils.  I also keep my favorite perfume in them.  It's nice to have it close with me to freshen up whenever I feel the need to.  My Opium, I also like to just take a little whiff now an then, my happy place.

Others have used them as memorial jewelry.  To keep ashes of a loved one or a beloved pet with them.  A feeling of comfort to have them close to you.  To symbolize they are always with you.

 With our bottles we give you the option how you wish to use them.  Our 2ml bottle tops also come with a 2 ml clear bottle.  I love these for special little treasures.  I like to collect water from a favorite beach or lake.  Sand, little rocks or shells.  Lavender petals or my favorite gem chips. 

have bottles with water from our amazing trips.  Water and sand from the Mediterranean Sea with sand and little shells from our trip to Barcelona Spain, water from Loch Ness Scotland, a dandelion from the mountains of Colorado to remind me to always make wishes to come true, shells and water from the Oregon Coast.  A bottle with a crystal point and black tourmaline for energizing and protection.  So many options.

        We have even created some pieces that have special stones or found treasures that are sealed and ready to enjoy.

The Wacky Wanderers Bottles and Jars collection


So, how do you keep your favorite oil with you?  Check out our selection of bottles and jars to find that special necklace to hold that special treasure.  We are always adding to this collection so check back often or even email us if you have a special request.

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