Calming Stones Inspiration

Posted by Kaylyn Brians on

                For as long as I can remember I have carried crystals and pebbles in my pockets, sometimes to the annoyance of my mom on laundry day. I come from several generations that like to pick up rocks and other bits of nature wherever they go.

                It has been wonderful that my mom found electroforming. This has allowed us to turn specimen level crystals and minerals along with other natural elements into wearable pieces of art.

                One of the first pieces my mom made is a beautiful crystal point necklace with blue apatite. It is a stunning piece that she wears all the time, but not just wear.  It has, unbeknownst to her, become a bit of a calming stone. Although, more accurately it’s her fidget stone.

                I had always noticed that she fiddles with it and occasionally holds it to her mouth. While I had noticed it I never really paid too much attention to it until one day while at Visions Rock Shop in Lincoln City. I was looking at worry stones and happened to look over at her and saw her playing with her crystal as usual. This gave me an idea. “Light bulb”, can you hear Gru’s voice?

                Get the calming stones out of the pockets, and the bras for the ladies, dress them up and wear them around your neck for easy access. No more running your stones through the laundry, getting a lumpy bra or even having them fall out when bending over.

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