Do You Remember Your First Cemetery?

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Do you remember that very first time?  For the love, whatever the reason, took you to that place…to the Cemetery.  (the word cemetery (from Greek κοιμητήριον, "sleeping place").  I remember that first time, but I don’t remember when I first started having my fascination with them.  I still really don’t know why I do.  All I know is I am drawn to the architecture, the serenity, the history, the sheer beauty of them. 

Placitas Cemetery New Mexico

Diane at Placitas Cemetery New Mexico

My first time was at Placitas Cemetery, New Mexico March 23, 2001.  It is a very small Catholic Cemetery, about 18 miles northeast of Albuquerque.  It’s in the high desert mountains.  Just a small dirt cemetery.  Beautiful arch entry way and some ornate headstones.  Don’t know much about it, just a lovely little cemetery.

photo shoot Placitas CemeteryDiane portrait Placitas Cemetery

Actually, it was for a photo shoot.  In an other life I always wanted to be model, but me and the camera have a love/hate relationship, borderline hate/hate.  So, I got to live one of my fantasies and now it is a memory.  So, saying a little blessing and letting all know we were not there to disrespect and we will be kind.  I was a gothic model.   We then went to a photo studio and were shown how to develop them.  It was so interesting.  Have much respect for photographers that do this.  A lot of work involved, but so amazing.  Kaylyn even got a taste of portrait photography. 

Diane and Kaylyn

She doesn’t like photographing me, I don’t cooperate, she says.  “I am smiling”.  It was such a fantastic day with some amazing woman.  Thanks Mary!!!  .

Diane Placitas Cemetery entryway

                          Diane guardian angel

Got a couple of really cool pictures, my all time favorites.  Maybe one day I’ll do it again.  That would be fun.  Do apologize for the bad quality of the photos. 

Do you remember your first time?  Your first cemetery?  We would love to hear about it.  Please do tell, even if you don’t have photos.  If you have photos we would love to see them.  You can share it by going to our Facebook Group Stone Walkers  Please share with those who also love cemeteries. 

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