Ode to Grace and Frankie

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grace and frankie blue agate kyanite copper jewelry necklace statement piece

Grace and Frankie, Netflix original series, is one of my favorite shows.  If you haven’t seen it, well you must because you are missing out of something truly amazing.  It is a show that I love to watch to laugh and feel good.  Which is a bit strange as it is about two beautiful woman who’s lives have been totally pulled out from underneath them and having to rely on each other and their own strengths to find their way.  They have help from the ones who put them in this situation and their children, friends and new loves along the way.   They are an inspiration.  I guess I feel a connection as I too am entering my “golden years”.  They are strong women yet vulnerable.  They are wise yet learning new ways to live.  They are proud and scared.  They are everyone.  Through all the trials and tribulations there is humor.  It is always good to laugh.  Not to take ourselves so seriously.  They are LIVING and choosing to live their lives their way every day.  The cast and the characters that they play are the best.  Everything about this show is great!  So, I don’t have to go on and on, just watch it!

 I think we all hope to have a friendship like these two women.  It may not have started that way, but it has become so.  They are so opposite.  As amazing as both are I think I am partial to Frankie.  I love her style and freedom.  She is my inspiration.  Maybe this is one of the reasons I moved to the Pacific Northwest to be close to the beach, who knows. 



Frankie was my inspiration for creating this piece “Ode to Frankie”.  It is big, bold and beautiful.  It also carries with it the wonderful properties of the stones. 

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blue geode agate nature copper     blue geode silce agate copper nature gemston

Blue Dyed Geode:

Geodes are believed to have very strong powers.  To see situations from different views to see the whole perspective.  Agate geodes are used for clearing one’s mind for meditation.  Powerful in relieving stress and strengthening one’s spirituality.  Agate geodes are also believed to help shape someone’s future.

blue kyanite copper geode slice agate copper necklace

Blue Kyanite

 Blue Kyanite is very popular for cleansing and cleaning other crystals of the energies they have absorbed. They are helpful in aligning the chakras and have a strong calming and clearing effect. Especially helpful when placed between the heart and navel chakra.  Teaches forgiveness and self-forgiveness. It opens the heart to allow one to reach out to others for help. Also helps to open one up to love again after loss.



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