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lapidary cabs hearts agates jasper rhodonite moss agate blue goldstone spider jasper crazy lace plume agate

 During our move from beautiful Albuquerque New Mexico to Oregon, the beautiful Pacific Northwest we wintered in Quartzsite Arizona, home to thousands of snow birds.  This was truly an amazing time both personally and professionally for us.  It is a rock hounds mecca.  I was having heart palpitations when we first arrived.  My daughter kept saying "Mom, watch the road".  I was in heaven.  We got so many beautiful treasures, I am so thrilled with our haul both personally and professionally, from some wonderful vendors, met so many amazing people and learned so much. 

Diane and Kaylyn with first crystal found Quartzsite AZEven went out into the desert and found some crystals.  Seriously, how cool is that!  First time finding a crystal.  Happy dance.  I will tell you more of our time in rock heaven at a later date.

 I love rocks and crystals.  I have always picked up rocks from our travels and learning new ways to use them.  Electroforming has been the answer to incorporate these beauties into jewelry, but I have always wanted to learn to cab.  Cab, cabbing or cabochon meaning: a precious stone of convex hemispherical or oval form, polished but not cut into facets.

Kaylyn cabbing  

Kaylyn creating something beautiful








Me trying not to give myself a manicure

lapidary cabochons slabs nature moss agate turckish blue lace onyx tiffany stone porcelain jasper

To take something that is sometimes not so pretty and to cut it and form it, let the stone take its shape and to see the hidden gems.  The colors, depth like looking into clear waters down deep, a sea of moss, to see mountains, crystals, the hidden gems inside.  Truly amazing to see the beauty inside these stones.  Mother Nature, the makings of this world is beyond beautiful.  We had the opportunity to learn at the RV park, 88 Shades, we stayed at, from Eric and Gertie.  They are such an amazing couple.  So much fun and patient with us.  They also have an exceptional Gem club in town that you can also learn to cab, silver smith, knapping and many other things as well.

 Kaylyn's first cab                                              Diane's first cab

 Kaylyn's first cab                                                      My first cab

I was giddy my first day.  It was a bit cold so the water about froze my hands.  As much fun as it was there was a bit of pain involved as well.  Reshaped my nails in to some odd patterns, no more pretty nails for me.  Lost some layers of skin as well.  For me, a part of the learning process.  Perhaps I am a bit slow lol.  Kaylyn picked it up like a fish in water. She does some amazing cabs.  I am proud of mine too.  I just pay a higher price.  We were hooked and lets just say Quartzsite in the winter is the place to be for lapidary. Desert Gardens was my favorite place to be.  I was sad to see them going, it was time for us to go too..

  porcelain jasper nature heart pendant lapidary jewelry electroformed elegant   amethyst sage purple lapidary cabochon nature pendant   blue goldstone coffin roses pendant gothic bubblegoth day of the dead lapidary cabochon sparkle  

Mimbres Picture Jasper with Cholla Cactus Necklace nature southwest electroforming elegant

We are continuing to cab and have incorporated them into our pieces and will also have some loose ones to which can be purchased on our website as well.  

kambaba cherry quartz moss agate petrified wood tiffany stone cabs coffin lapidary

Just a few of Kaylyn's


kambaba ocean jasper rhodonite dendrite snake skin ruby ridge plume agate emerald lapidary cab

Here are a few of mine

We will be offering some of these cabs on our website to purchase, shortly. When we have them available we will send out a blog letting you know about the special stone.  So be sure to keep watching.  You can also subscribe to our newsletter.  You will be in the know about new items, featured items, special promotions and even the opportunity to shop before items are released. 

Do you see anything you like?  Please send your comments below!


Little fun fact.  I LOVE Tacos.  Everywhere we go I must try their tacos.  No two are the same.  So you will be seeing tacos through out my blogs.

tacos in quartzsite az


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