Our Scotland Adventure 2017 part 1

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Scotland is truly a beautiful and wondrous place. Really how can a country that has a unicorn for its national animal not be beautiful.

We chose to visit in autumn to see the colors. Scheduling to visit a place based on nature's seasonal change, like autumn colors, can be very nerve racking to try and difficult to get the timing right. But when its a place you've wanted to visit for years and is beautiful and interesting like Scotland it doesn't really matter if you get it spot on.

We managed to do pretty good with the timing. I researched the best times for the color change for previous years and looked at what events were going on. We decided on Oct 27-Nov 7 and based in Edinburgh. 

There was still a lot of color and while there were days that were pretty chilly it really wasn't bad. We seemed to luck out with the rain too. 

If you go during this time you'll naturally need to pack warm, but if you forget a scarf or warm hat don't worry Edinburgh's Royal Mile is bursting at the seams with shops carrying a variety of clan tartan scarves and lambs wool hats that double as cute and functional souvenirs. 

One of my favorite scarves was the Royal Mile Tartan from Gladstone's Land. Its part of the National Trust of Scotland. They also have the cutest little plush bat keychains. But I'll go more into some of my favorite shops later.

Check out the scarf here

While you definitely must spend time see all that the Royal Mile has to offer, be sure to venture out and see the rest of this beautiful city.

Easy ways to do this is on the hop on hop off bus tours, that are well worth the money. Not only do you get to see all the key points of interest with history from guides but you're able to get a layout of the city. 

One great company in Edinburgh is Rabbie's Tours. But I'll go into that on the next post.

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