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Loch Lamond Scotland travel nature photography
Loch Lomond Scotland

Working on a new collection “Across the Pond” to be introduced later and thought I’d share a sneak peek at a portion of the collection and tell you a little story about it. We have a blog post Our Scotland Adventure 2017 part 1, please check it out. This trip inspired a collection that I am really excited about. Let me back up a bit….
nature jewelry scotland travel inspiration

Sneak Peek

One of the reasons we are called “The Wacky Wanderers” is we like to wander and you would be right on the “wacky” too. Growing up I was very fortunate to have traveled.  It wasn't exotic lands or far off places but it was some amazing adventures in our own backyard.  Grew up in California and my Dad’s family lived in Arkansas and Mom’s lived in Oregon. but we had some wonderful adventures, Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Sedona, California and Oregon coasts, Redwoods, Mammoth, camping, fishing. I could go on and on.  Breathtaking places that leaves you in awe.  I have no pictures of these trips, you’ll notice just from the last few years. Reason is, back in the day we took pictures on something called film, that had to be developed, which cost money to find out If you got a good picture or not, but I do have some doozies.  For example, me and my sister just arriving at Grand Canyon about 10 years old. Just woke up, little pony tails all askew and me with my “if looks could kill” face on and my sister with her cute little smile. Unfortunately, they are all in storage. You’re welcome.

I have been fortunate as a child to travel and as adult to live in Germany and other states. Last few years I have been so fortunate to go “across the pond” and see new places. These trips have been ancestral journeys.

travel andorra nature hiking family ancestry
Parc Natural de la Vall de Sorteny, Andorra.

To be able go with my mother who is now 80. How special is that. These are her journeys too or the journeys of my father her husband that we lost too soon, many years ago.

travel barcelona spain europe nature adventure ancestry family wanderlust
Palau Nacional on the Montjuïc mountain, Barcelona Spain

To go with my daughter, the other half of the “Wacky”, amazing. She has done all this incredible research and sets up these trips. These are journeys to our past. Where our ancestor’s bones are buried. Their blood was spilt, and they spilt blood there. The places they’ve lived and things they have built.

travel scotland st andrews family ancestry wanderlust
Kaylyn, Me (Diane) and my mom Loene. Say “hi” mom. (Please don’t tell her I posted this.)

To be from such amazing places and to be able to see them with my mother and daughter, three generations is so special.

Tibadabo travel barcelona spain family ancestry wanderlusttravel barcelona spain Tibadabo ancestry photography family wanderlust
Our first journey was to Barcelona Spain. That will be a blog all by itself since we went twice.

This is about Scotland which we went to last year.
travel scotland edinburgh wanderlust castle history ancestry family
Both my parents families meet here (St Margaret's Chapel, in Edinburgh castle)

This was a journey of both my parents. Mom's family was from a little further down the island and on the other team. My dad, well, he did love his whiskey. Oh, how Scotland calls me to go back. There will be more added to the blog “Our Scotland Adventure 2017” later.


nature travel autumn scotland edinburgh wanderlust history ancestory

Just off the plane and finding beautiful  fall leaves.

ocean travel scotland st andrews beach north sea wanderlust

On the beach in St Andrew's.

I do like to gather leaves, rocks, flowers as little souvenirs but not always is this possible. What I do like to get is a piece of jewelry. Something that speaks to me. Whenever I wear it I will remember “that time”. I like to make little memory jewelry for my family as well.

While in Edinburgh I came across this cute little shop. They have some of the most beautiful jewelry. All sustainable sourced gemstones, many which are from Scotland.  Oh cool is that!
nature edinburgh scotland travel marble history

I was looking at all the beautiful jewelry but kept getting drawn to the shiny pieces of marble and jasper they were displayed on and then I found all the loose stones. The wonderful clerk could see that I was interested in the stones and let me know I could buy them. What!? I could buy them and make special pieces too? I was so giddy. Here are the treasures we picked up at Two Skies, at 5 High St, Edinburgh EH1 1SR, UK. **update -  As of 06/08/2018 a day after this blog was posted This shop, once known as Highland Gems is now Two Skies.  This is so cool.  It's on the packaging and just seems so right.  I didn't even know they were Highland Gems until I googled it for the address.  This name, this shop has a very cool story.  Check out their Facebook page, Two Skies Scotland and give it a read. 

travel nature edinburgh scotland marble scottish history
Scottish Agates, Lewisian, Jasper, Isle of Iona Marble, Scottish Green Marble, Amethyst.

They packaged my new treasures so amazingly. A little plaid pouch with descriptions of the stones that have where and how it is collected and a little story.  Amazing shop.   

Thanks to this little store with the beautiful jewelry and the amazing stones we have been inspired to design a collection for you. We’re "making memories wearable".

travel nature edinburgh scotland wanderlust marble jewelry electroforming electroformed 

nature travel edinburgh scotland wanderlust jewelry electroforming copper marble fairy bottle green

More pieces to come.

Little fun fact. I LOVE Tacos. Everywhere we go I must try their tacos. No two are the same. So, you will be seeing tacos throughout my blogs.
travel edinburgh scotland foodie taco wanderlust

Put Scotland on your Bucket List.  It is amazing!  See at least 1 new place a year.  Support local artisans.  I have found the most amazing keepsakes at local artisan shops Like Highland Gems, vendors set up in tourist areas, craft shows.  Some of the coolest keepsakes.  Yes even Thrift Stores.  One day maybe I'll share my little keepsakes.  Besides getting souvenirs known for the area I like to collect witches and Kaylyn collects bats.  


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