Driftwood, It Calls Me

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Have you ever taken a trip to the beach, strolled along the shore with the sand between your toes and a gentle breeze on your face and come across a beautiful piece of driftwood?

walking the Oregon Coast

Weathered and worn, a twisted piece of art.  If so, you are not alone.  Since moving to the beautiful Oregon Coast it is one of our favorite things to do.  As we like to call it, getting supplies. 

Merchants Beach Oregon

So what exactly is driftwood and where does it come from?  Driftwood is created when branches fall into rivers or trees being uprooted by strong winds and rain and eventually making their way to the sea. 
Giant Tree Trunks Oregon Coast
During their travels towards the seas they can come across many obstacles, like rocks and rapids, causing them to twist and break.
     Driftwood Bandon Oregon                Bandon Oregon Coast
Eventually they make their way to the open sea.  Oregon has vast forests along it's many rivers and creeks and coastline.  Once they meet the saltwater they are caught up in the relentless waves and currents which help to sculpt and polish these travellers into beautiful weathered masterpieces.  It's mother nature presenting you a piece of her art.  She does it best, so beautiful. 
     Oregon Coast            Oregon Coast
I often wonder where the journey started for these nomads.  Each having a unique story, some traveling vast distances to find a place on this beach.  Knowing for many of these beautiful masterpieces, this is only a temporary resting spot, for us to enjoy, before the waves reclaim them and they are off on their next adventure.   It truly captivates me and sparks the imagination.  Just going with the flow, moving along.  
Each time we travel to the beach, which never seems to be enough, it's like going to a new beach, it's never the same way twice.  What will the beach look like today? 
     Kaylyn and Diane The Wacky Wanderers     Merchants Beach Oregon     Merchants Beach rolling dunes on the beach        
It can be a flat and smooth sandy beach or high rolling dunes with the wind ripping across the tops. 
     Bandon Oregon                 Bandon Beach Oregon                    
The beach can be covered in rocks, inches deep and then none.
     Oregon Coast     Oregon Coast
It can have massive trees twisted and weathered or just broken up twigs.
     Sea kelp Oregon Coast     Sea kelp Oregon Coast     Shiny Sea Blob Oregon Coast
Many varieties of sea kelp to shiny blobs on the sand.  Have lived here for five years and it still amazes us, it's never boring.  You never know what treasures you'll find. 
     Barnacle on wood Oregon Coast     Oregon Coast     Oregon Coast
We like to find, shells, plants, rocks etc,
      Kaylyn taking picture Oregon Coast     Diane Merchant Beach Oregon
and Kaylyn takes some amazing photos.  Driftwood, it calls me.  It's all about the trees.  
So why do we call it, "getting supplies"
Driftwood home decor
We make these!
and more.  Follow us to see what we create with mother natures art.  We will also be sharing more behind the scenes of the process in creating these pieces with driftwood.  The joys and excitement to the trails and tribulations that go into making these.  The Love.


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