Stone Walkers Journal

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Project Option: 5×8 in, 13×20 cm
# of Pages: 48


With this charming journal you can record and keep track of the cemeteries you visit.
WHY DO YOU LIKE CEMETERIES? Are you a Taphophile? You know you do. Have you realized yet how many people do? What amazes me is the many different reasons why people are drawn to them.
What is a Taphophile?
“taphophile. Noun. (plural taphophiles) A person who is interested in cemeteries, funerals and gravestones.”
No two cemeteries are the same. Each unique to the area and time. A cemetery tells a story. A story of a time, of a place and the people who lived and died there. There are cemeteries of faith and service, of wealth and poverty. There are ones above ground and mausoleums.


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