Ametrine Root Pendant with Amethyst and Citrine Chip Inlay

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Ametrine: 58 x 25 x 20 mm

Copper Root pendant:  3-1/4 x 6-3/4 x 2 inch

18 inch copper chain

Amethyst and Citrine inlayed in resin with some of the root exposed and preserved in resin. 

Want something bold, beautiful and totally unique, a conversation piece?  Here it is.  This was made just for you.  A unique beauty like you.  

This is a root found on one of our hikes.  Loved  the character, the twist and turns.  I paired it with this large and amazing Ametrine.  Photos do not do it justice.  The beauty within.  It is perfectly cradled in the roots. There will never be another like this or like you so make a statement.